iTWIOS Episode 0010 – Live at Macstock 2017

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We are live at Macstock 2017 David and Melissa talk about the conference and all the great people attending including all our friends and fellow Podcasters.

David received some great feedback on his presentation about Efficiencies iOS Kirschen Seah  wrote up some amazing sketch notes from the conference.

Here is David’s Presentation:  CLICK HERE

Here is Melissa’s:  CLICK HERE

All the notes and some photos from the conference are HERE

This was the schedule.

We talked about the different presentations including ours as well as a review of Barry Fulk’s Mac Mingle where we had all the speakers and attendees hang out drinking, eating, and listened to a great live band. The band even covered some off the wall songs like a Brady Bunch song and King Tut.

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