015 iOS 11 Feature and Tips Review

Dave was joined by the mobility professional and podcaster at large, Barry Fulk. Dave and Barry did a face-to-face episode and talk about iOS 11 new features they like. Barry also has the Apple Watch Series 3 and gives his review of the new watch. The new Apple Store Chicago opens on October 20 and more. Full show notes are at

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Apple Store Chicago Opening Dave will be visiting the store and will share photos. Apple Michigan Ave

From last episode Dave had to exchange his iPhone 8 Plus since the screen had a defect. AppleCare rep called him from Austin TX for feedback relating to the cause.

KRACK Security issue with WPA2 wifi LINK

Apple Watch Series 3 Review – Barry has the LTE model and gives his thoughts.

Did Barry upgrade? Dave and Barry review the iPhone 8 Plus and talk about should you buy the iPhone 10. Barry also discusses the new AR features.

iOS 11 features review What are our favorites? Screen shot markup, screen recording using voice, wifi password sharing, new device setup, AR, portrait / stagelight (8+), HEIF photo compression and JPEG, Apple maps improvements, do not disturb while driving.

Dave also talked about the new screen sharing feature in the tool TeamViewer.

iOS 11 is installed on almost 55% adoption 1 month after launch. LINK

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