027 Getting Started with Contacts App

Wrangling your address book and all those contact listings can be a big challenge. We share tips on how to get started using the Contacts app on your iOS device so you can be more efficient and organized. Tune in for a great discount on a ticket to Macstock 2018! Full show notes are at

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Tips: Swiping left to delete a conversation or text from your listing of text messages in the Messages app now shows a confirmation message asking, “Would you like to delete this conversation?” and then shows the word Delete in red. This can be annoying for some despite it being there as a feature to protect people from accidentally deleting messages by swiping too quickly. We hope Apple will make this customizable in the future because now it’s just as easy to accidentally mute or “Hide” alerts from people when you didn’t mean to! This Apple Communities discussion explains it in more detail.

It’s not that common, but if ever you have the need to remove all the photos from your iOS device in a snap, The Mac Observer has a handy tutorial here: iOS: How to Quickly Delete All iOS Photos and Videos

  • Settings > General > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary
  • This is handy if you’re experiencing an odd problem with the capitalization of wrong words as you type. It could be looking for names in your contacts list that are also words causing them to become automatically capitalized where it should not occur.

Introduction to Contacts app on iOSSettings > Accounts & Passwords

  • You can have multiple accounts that populate your Contacts listing. Be aware of which have been enabled because it could contribute to duplicates.
  • Create a separate Apple ID for the sole purpose of sharing a contact list with a partner, family member, or spouse. This way, you can use your main iCloud account for your own professional and personal contacts that are kept separate. Select contacts on a separate iCloud account can be shared and synchronized with those who access that designated account on their devices to collaborate with you. For example, family members will all have the same contact cards for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and close friends. If someone changes their address, one family member can edit the card and it will synchronize with everyone else.
  • Use the right tool for the job. A contact list is not the right tool for managing passwords. Do not store passwords or any important information in your contacts list notes because other apps you use may require access to your contacts database and will upload that information to their servers where a data breach could occur exposing that sensitive information. Use a dedicated password manager instead.
  • Instead of adding ICE (In Case of Emergency) to names, use the Medical ID feature in the Health app to add emergency contacts. First Responders know how to access the Medical ID from locked iPhones. Teach young children how to access this screen from a locked phone as well. It’s also how they’ll learn where they can dial the local emergency code (9-1-1 in the U.S.)
  • Use the Favorites list in the Phone app for an easily accessible list of numbers you call most frequently

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