028 Getting More Out of Contacts App

We share tips for optimizing your contacts list so it works more efficiently. Tune in for a great discount on a ticket to Macstock 2018! Full show notes are at

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Contacts App Tips: • Begin at: Settings > Contacts

• Enable Siri & Search even if you turn off Siri for voice search because it’s really useful for looking people up on your iPhone to call them just by pulling down on the home screen

• Sort Order & Display Order: pick something and stick to it then change it on all your devices for consistency

• Short Name – helpful if you’re the type of person who uses a lot of nicknames

• My Info – very important to make sure this is set up properly; I see people adding a second contact card for themselves and making a mess of duplicates because of it; setting this up properly with all fields filled out helps to make filling out online forms less of a chore

• Default Account – this means when you create a new card, it will go to this account if you do not specify otherwise

• Another note on importing, iMazing is a handy app to have for importing contacts from an iOS device so you can better organize them on your Mac if you’re helping a family member, friend or colleague to get set up with their first iOS device PSA: Lots of seniors are getting Bluetooth Hearing Aids and some are feeling really disturbed by the phone ringing in their ears. Help your loved ones out with this if it’s become an issue. Settings > General > Accessibility > Hearing and make the necessary adjustments.

Apps and Gear: WyzeCam for monitoring your home from your iOS device

Manything for monitoring your home using the camera on a repurposed iOS device

iMazing for managing contacts on an iOS device with a Mac

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