035 iPhone Xs vs Xs Max reviews and iOS12 Tips with Special Guest Chuck Joiner

Special Guest Chuck Joiner from Macvoices joins Dave. The new iPhone Xs Dave has the Xs Max and Chuck has the Xs we will both give our reviews so far. Apple Watch Series 4 review Dave has not purchased yet and Chuck does have one. Finally, we review many updates and new features with iOS 12.   Full show notes are at

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News Stories we discussed

SiriusXM to Acquire Pandora for $3.5 Billion – Macrumors

Apple Finalizes Shazam Acquisition, App Will Soon Become Ad-Free – Macrumors

iPhone XS Max Significantly Outselling iPhone XS, 256GB Most Popular, 512GB Subject to Serious Shortage – Macrumors

Apple Watch Series 4 Fall Detection Feature is Off by Default Unless You’re 65+ – Macrumors



Our initial thoughts on the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. Chuck has the Xs and Dave has the Xs Max

Apple Watch Series 4 – Chuck has one and Dave does not (for now) We discuss its features and if Chuck does like it.

iOS 12 we review many of the new features and updates.

Legacy Device Support

Speed improvements

Grouped stacked notifications

Managing notifications from lock screen

Screen time and digital health monitoring

New animojis and memojis did you create your Memoji?

Wink and tongue support in animojis

New Shortcuts app (Workflow)

Check out David Sparks new MacSparky course on Shortcuts app.

Music you can search by lyrics now.

FaceID greatly improved add additional ones and also able to swipe up to try it a 2nd time if it doesn’t work

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