077 – We Don’t need Memoji Stickers iOS 13.3 updates

In this episode of In Touch With iOS Your host Dave Ginsburg is joined as always by co-host Warren Sklar. We talk about iOS 13.3 release the news of the day and some great tips on iOS 

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Apple Avoids iPhone Tariffs as U.S. and China Reach Trade Deal

Apple Card Offering 6% Daily Cash Back on Apple Product Purchases Until December 31 (Note – If you bought something from Apple within the week, contact Apple (Goldman) and they can adjust

Apple Card Monthly Installments: How the Interest-Free iPhone Financing Plan Works

Apple Watch so huge, it has eclipsed ‘peak iPod’

AirPods to hit quarterly sales of $4B, surpassing peak iPod sales

iOS 12.4.4 Update for iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, Older iPads, Released


iOS and iPadOS 13.3 was released we review all the changes and discuss the fixes and improvements. 

Apple has fixed a critical bug in iOS 13 that could let anyone temporarily overwhelm and freeze up an iPhone using AirDrop.

Remove Memoji stickers General > Settings > Emoji turn off Memoji Stickers

Screen Time Communication Limits – Bypass bug out will be fixed –

You can now save an edited video as a new clip.

News App redesign you can now like/disklike articles at bottom of the screen. Stocks you can now see related stories this is new. 

iOS13.3 update list 

Speaking of iOS. Apple still showed love to the older devices running iOS12 with version 12.4.4. We also talked about HomePod 13.3, WatchOS 6.1.1, tvOS 13.3

Dave put together a grid that shows all the updates iOS13 has had so far its crazy.


Monitor audio levels on iPhone

Did you know you can add the iPhone User Guide to your home screen? This guide tells you how to download it and covers the iPad too. 

Send Spam Callers to Voicemail

Synced Lyrics in Apple Music

Remove Location Data Before Sharing Photos

Delete Apps from the App Update Screen

Three-Finger Tap Does Two Things


Lightroom 5.1 Adds Direct SD Card Importing on iPad and iPhone, Plus New Export Options

About our Co-Host

Co-Host: Warren Sklar, @Wsklar is an IT Consultant and moderator of the Mac To The Future FaceBook Group with over 3000 members talking about all things Apple. Request to join this group to be among people who love Apple.


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