085 – You Need to BackUp your iPhone

The latest episode of In Touch With iOS Dave and Warren talk about iOS backups and the multi ways of performing them. Plus we talk about the iOS app store and all the features it has when trying to find apps. Plus some great tips. The show notes are at

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Sprint and T-Mobile merger gets federal approval Now T-Mobile wants a better deal with Sprint since it took 2 years. 

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Backing up your iOS device. This can be confusing to know how to back up and making sure what is backed up. There are 3 recommended methods of back up. You can use 1, 2 or all 3   

  1. iCloud. This is the easiest and safest way to make sure you have a back up and its so much easier to restore the device when needed. 
  2. Back up in Finder (iTunes) SInce the release of MacOS 10.15 Catalina, iTunes was retired and the backup was moved to Finder. We discuss the Finder backup and how to use this, 
  3. iMazing imazing,com This power app that works on both Mac and Windows allows you to do comprehensive backups of your device. Here are all the things you have access to retrieve in iMazing backup.
  4. iMobie Anytrans

Gmail for iOS Gaining Integration With Apple’s Files App for Adding Attachments The gmail iOS app is getting more powerful. There are folks out there abanding the native mail app and add all their email accounts to it. 

Apple Adds Search to Shazam App, Makes Forgotten Shazam Encore App Free to Download

The App Store. I know many of us just skim through the store as in most cases you are looking for an app and move on. Scrolling through the Today view you can discover so many new apps you may not even know about. 


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