130 – It’s Been a Great 2020 for Apple – With Guests Holden DePardo and Brian DePardo

The latest In Touch With iOS with Dave is Joined by Holden DePardo and Brian DePardo. We review 2020 and Apple all the great things that happened this year and there was quite a bit including 4 virtual events. What we expect in 2021 and Beta 14.4 is out. 

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HomePod mini works with 18W power supplies after 14.3 software update

Gazelle is ending its used device trade-in program


2020 Year in Review for iOS/iPadOS and hardware. With the world upside down because of the pandemic, Apple had a banner year with many new product releases, WWDC and 3 virtual events.  What were our top things that Apple announced. We list below some of the highlights.

  • January – iPad turned 10
  • March – New iPad Pros and iPad Magic Keyboard
  • April – iPhone SE 2nd Gen was released 
  • June – WWDC held virtually for the first time iOS14 and iPadOS 14 was announced in beta. 
  • September – was the 1st virtual event announced New Apple Watch Series 6 and SE, iPad Air w/ Touch ID on the power button, Apple One Bundles
  • October was the 2nd virtual event announced iPhone 12 models and HomePod Mini. iOS14 released to everyone. 
  • November was the 3rd virtual event in which they announced the First Apple Silicon M1 Macs which can also run iOS / iPadOS applications.
  • December Apple announced the new $550 AirPods Max Headphones and Fitness+ was released. 

What do we expect for 2021? we discuss what Apple may release next year. New iPad Pro is one thing discussed. 

Beta this week: iOS 14.4 beta was released on 12/6/20 with no beta number. Doe it  have ad tracking notification enforced? Currently it is optional for developers to prompt the user. Its possible Apple may start enforcing it with iOS 14.4.

Magsafe accessories we discuss which ones we use and are they worth it. 

iPhone 12 mini (is there a market for it?) Brian has the iPhone 12 Mini and gives his review and we discuss if this model lives up to its size. 

App Clips (have you used them?) we discuss and mention Panera Bread has an App clip built into Apple Maps. If you search for a Panera Bread location and tap the one near you it will give you the option of ordering directly within the Maps app. 


Important tip on How to erase and prepare an Apple Watch for gifting, recycling, or selling

Great information with obtaining 2 years of transactions How to get an accounting of your Apple Cash transactions


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Dave’s Pick

SurfShark iOS 

About our Guests

Holden DePardo studies computer science and co-hosts two podcasts: Respawn Aim Fire and Networked Podcast. Twitter: @holdendepardo 

Brian DePardo is a writer and IT Professional living in Dallas, TX.
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