231 – AirPods Pro Improved Latency and Black Friday Deals – With Jeff Gamet, Patrice, and Kelly

The latest In Touch With iOS with Dave he is joined by guests Patrice, Kelly, and, Jeff Gamet. The AirPods Pro 2 have improved Bluetooth latency. We discuss this and why lossless audio still is not working. The Apple One bundle is still a deal but is it worth it to you? The FCC orders all ISP’s to have labeling of speeds and pricing. We discuss this as well as the awesome broadband map the FCC offers. Black Friday deals there are some great Apple deals and more. 

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Huh? Apple has reportedly ‘expressed interest’ in buying UK soccer team Manchester United 

Apple Pivots to Samsung for iPhone Memory Chips Following US Trade Ban Against Chinese Suppliers

SwiftKey is unexpectedly back on iOS

iCloud for Windows Users Complain of Corrupted Videos, Photos From Strangers

Apple Music App Spotted in Tesla Model S Museum Exhibit

Apple TV+ closing movie gap with rotating back catalog for subscribers


Beta this week. iOS16.2 Beta 3 continues this week. 

It has been awhile since we talked about the value of the Apple One bundle. With the prices going up is it still worth it? We discuss the pros and cons of these bundles and the value. What Is Apple One, and Should You Subscribe?    Apple One and a new game for Jeff SpongeBob SolitairePants

The AirPods have improved latency AirPods Pro 2 testing reveals significant improvement in Bluetooth latency 

Why is Lossless audio on on the AirPods Pro 2? Apple Engineer Addresses Lack of Lossless Support on New AirPods Pro 

We discuss the labeling ISP’s need to disclose and the speeds.  FCC orders ISPs to display labels clearly showing speeds and itemized fees  The FCC also added a National Broadband map FCC Broadband Map

Black Friday is this week and we discuss some of the great deals out there that you might have missed. Apple is having a event Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping Event – Apple Gift cards with purchase. There are so many things to buy this year.

Notable Deals

iMazing is 50% off iMazing

Grid Studio Framed iPhone 4s Teardown Grid Studio iPhone 4s Framed Work

Apple Pencil (second generation) – $40 off

Apple AirTag 4 Pack – $20 off

AirPods Pro 2 $199 $49 off

The Jackbox Party Pack 8 

The Jackbox Party Pack 9

Huge List of Black Friday Deals on Apple Accessories

All the Apple Black Friday Deals You Can Get Today

Other  Apple Black Friday Deals 

2021 iPad mini 64 GB – $100 off

2021 iPad Pro 12.9-inch Wi-Fi 1 TB – $400 off

2022 iPad Pro 12.9-inch Wi-Fi 128 GB – $100 off

Apple Watch Ultra – $60 off 

Apple Watch Series 8 41mm – $50 off

Apple Watch Series 8 45mm – $50 off

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Dave Ginsburg is an IT professional supporting Mac, iOS and Windows users and shares his wealth of knowledge of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and related technologies. Visit the YouTube channel follow him on Mastadon @daveg65

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Jeff Gamet is a podcaster, technology blogger, artist, and author. Previously, he was The Mac Observer’s managing editor, and Smile’s TextExpander Evangelist. You can find him on Mastadon @jgamet as well as Twitter and Instagram as @jgamet  His YouTube channel

About our Guests

Kelly Guimont is a podcaster and friend of the Rebel Alliance. She appears on The Incomparable network as well as hosts I Want My M(CU) TV. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @verso

Patrice Brend’amour loves to create podcasts, automations or software. She also enjoys working with diverse sets of people, leading them to success and making a tiny difference in the world. Which she does as VP of Development at a Healthcare Software provider. She can be found at and her podcast Foodie Flashback at

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