233 – Karaoke Music Sing With End to End Encryption – With Guest Chuck Joiner and Jeff Gamet

The latest In Touch With iOS with Dave he is joined by guest Chuck Joiner and Jeff Gamet. Apple has added Music Sing karaoke. Our devices will have even more security with end to end encryption and you need to know the key. iOS 16.2 will be out next week with a 10 min limit on everyone setting in Airdrop. The App store has big pricing changes from  $0.29 to $10,000.There are 5 more things Apple still needs to release in 2023. Plus a guide to what phones have the fastest 5G in different countries. 

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Apple Shares Most Popular Podcasts of 2022

Twitter Blue will be more expensive on iPhone to offset App Store fees

Apple Announces App Store Changes, Including Expanded Pricing Up to $10,000

Biggest Apple News+ magazines may be having a tough time

Tim Cook Confirms Apple Will Buy TSMC Chips Manufactured in Arizona

Apple Music Adding a Karaoke Experience With Apple Music Sing   Press Release Apple introduces Apple Music Sing

Then it’s limited. Apple Music Sing Limited to Latest Apple TV, Not Coming to Older Models

FDA approves iPhone connectible Dexcom G7 glucose monitor

Apple Abandons Controversial Plans to Detect Known CSAM in iCloud Photos


Beta this week. Apple Seeds Release Candidate Versions of iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2

iOS 16.2 for iPhone Expected to Launch Next Week With These 12 New Features

Apple Seeds watchOS 9.2 Release Candidate to Developers

Apple Seeds Release Candidate Version of tvOS 16.2 to Developers With Apple Music Sing

Apple Expanding 10-Minute ‘Everyone’ AirDrop Limit to All Users With iOS 16.2

Apple Music Sing Now Available in iOS 16.2 Release Candidate

End to end encryption on Apple devices! We review this latest addition to secure your data. Along with setting up a contact that can help unlock if you don’t have the key. Apple Plans New Encryption System to Ward Off Hackers and Protect iCloud Data 

Apple news release Apple advances user security with powerful new data protections

Apple Announces End-to-End Encryption Option for iCloud Photos, Notes, Backups, and More 

Apple Previews New iMessage and Apple ID Security Features Coming in 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s New iCloud Encryption Feature

Fastest 5G phones around the world. Details on the Fastest 5G Mobile Devices

We explain what all these symbols are. What the cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite symbols mean on your iPhone or iPad

Apple Still Has These 5 Things to Release Heading Into 2023

Our Host

Dave Ginsburg is an IT professional supporting Mac, iOS and Windows users and shares his wealth of knowledge of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and related technologies. Visit the YouTube channel follow him on Mastadon @daveg65

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Our Regular Contributor

Jeff Gamet is a podcaster, technology blogger, artist, and author. Previously, he was The Mac Observer’s managing editor, and Smile’s TextExpander Evangelist. You can find him on Mastadon @jgamet as well as Twitter and Instagram as @jgamet  His YouTube channel

About our Guest

Chuck Joiner is the host of MacVoices and hosts video podcasts with influential members of the Apple community. Make sure to visit and subscribe to his podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @chuckjoiner and join his MacVoices Facebook group.

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