299 – Merging 2 Apple ID’s sort of – With Guest Guy Serle, Jeff Gamet, and Ben Roethig

The latest In Touch With iOS with Dave is joined by guest Guy Serle, Jeff Gamet, and Ben Roethig. Dave decided to finally “merge his 2 Apple ID’s. Well sort of. The issue is paid content like apps, movies, books, cannot be moved to the new Apple ID. This is where Family sharing gets involved. The latest beta has still not been released. But more importantly install iOS 17.4.1 for security fixes. WWDC 24 was announced. We talk about MacStock 8 and more. 

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Beta this week. Still no beta but very important Update Your iPhone Now: iOS 17.4.1 Includes These Security Fixes  and iOS 17.4.1 and macOS 14.4.1 come with these 2 security fixes

Apple Releases Revised Versions of iOS 17.4.1 and iPadOS 17.4.1 With Updated Build Number

People The Apple Journal app isn’t sharing your location and name with everyone Apple Journal’s ‘Discoverable by Others’ setting: How it works

Dave decided to finally “merge his 2 Apple ID’s. Well sort of. The issue is paid content like apps, movies, books, cannot be moved to the new Apple ID. This is where Family sharing gets involved. 

Links to merging Apple ID that were referenced. 

Request a refund for apps or content that you bought from Apple

If you can’t find your family’s shared apps and content – Apple Support

How to share an Apple Music playlist on your iPhone or iPad

Manage Family Sharing settings – Apple Support

What is Family Sharing? – Apple Support

Use Sync Library with your Apple Music subscription?

Use iTunes to sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with your computer – Apple Support

Save a copy of a playlist in Music on Mac – Apple Support


Apple Announces WWDC 2024 Event for June 10 to 14

Apple Hints at iOS 18 AI Announcements Coming at WWDC 2024

Apple Sues Former Employee for Leaking iPhone’s Journal App and More 

Apple TV+ is the streaming platform with the highest rated content on IMDb

Warning: Apple Users Targeted in Advanced Phishing Attack Involving Password Reset Requests

Canva Acquires Serif’s Affinity Apps 

Next-Gen Apple CarPlay Forcing Driver Instrument Cluster Takeover Triggers Lawsuit

Apple to Launch New iPad Pro and iPad Air Models in May 


Macstock 8 is Here! July 12-14, 2024 Macstock Conference & Expo

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Jeff Gamet is a podcaster, technology blogger, artist, and author. Previously, he was The Mac Observer’s managing editor, and Smile’s TextExpander Evangelist. You can find him on Mastadon @jgamet as well as Twitter and Instagram as @jgamet  His YouTube channel

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Guy Serle Is the host of the MyMac Podcast and the (hopefully) reconstituted Guy’s Daily Drive…which isn’t daily, but is done by driving so half accurate. email @MacParrot and @VertShark on Twitter Vertshark on YouTube, Skype +1 Area code  703-828-4677

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