018 Adventures in iCloud

It’s been pretty smooth sailing for Dave and his iPhone X, but Melissa went on a fishing expedition with the whole family in iCloud and reeled in a Black Friday deal or two. Notch or no notch, Apple has kept us all very busy applying software patches and spackle across their product line. Lots of growing pains are being smoothed over, so don’t hesitate to apply the latest updates for iOS 11.2, watchOS 4.2, and tvOS 11.2, as well as several macOS updates. If you are curious about getting your whole family connected with iCloud this holiday season, have a listen to this deep dive for some ideas on what’s possible before you attempt to connect accounts or migrate data. Full show notes are at

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Dave has been consistently impressed by Face ID on the new iPhone X. Melissa had some questions last episode about how Face ID works in the dark and our friend Barry has some good resources for helping us all learn more about it:

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Apple’s New Face ID Biometric System Works in the Dark and When Your Face is Obscured by Hats and Beards — MacRumors

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals of note were BestBuy’s 2017 iPad sale and Amazon’s digital $100.00 iTunes Gift Card deal. Keep checking your local listings because this is the time of year for those kinds of sales. iTunes Gift Card deals are the best way to reduce your costs on iCloud Storage Plans when you buy it at the yearly price in the form of iTunes credit. Apple will first charge your iTunes Gift Card credit before it charges your credit card on file, so keep it topped up and save with these annual sales. 

Melissa’s new 2017 iPad was instrumental in helping to get iCloud Family Sharing set up because it runs iOS 11 which is required for administering a Family Sharing account. Some might view all she went through as a total nightmare, but she sees it as an opportunity to dissect how it all works and what might suit the needs of others.

Apple has a handy Apple Support app where you can get help from the comfort of your couch. They can run a remote diagnostic on your device and advise you on what steps to take in troubleshooting. Melissa recommends taking screenshots along the way to document the information.

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