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Last time we talked a lot about devices that stay put. This time we want to talk about devices on the go — things we can wear while interacting with audible content. We’ll discuss tips for using Apple Watch with earpieces as well as news and hacks. Full show notes are at 

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Apple announces March 27th event focusing on education — The Verge

Apple Acquires the Digital Magazine Service Texture — TidBITS

Apple Releases iOS 11.3 Developer Beta 6 for iPhone, iPad — The Mac Observer

Apple opens WWDC 2018 registration: June 4-8 in San Jose — 9 to 5 Mac

Apple Music Growing at Record Pace With Two Million Subscribers Added in Just Five Weeks — MacRumors 

Wearable Devices 

• Use the built-in Now Playing screen on Apple Watch to control playback while listening to podcasts

• Melissa has an iPhone hack for connecting a lanyard to an iPhone case. 

Thread a lanyard through the speaker cut-outs on the bottom of an iPhone case so that the iPhone hangs upside down with the glass facing outward. This way, it will be in the correct orientation when you pick up the phone to view the screen or snap a photo.

Outcast app on your Apple Watch makes it easy to listen to podcasts with just a Bluetooth headset while leaving your iPhone parked somewhere else. 

Plan for reduced Apple Watch battery life by downloading podcast episodes ahead of time then charging your watch before leaving to use it. If you don’t have Apple AirPods, the cheaper counterparts are not as easy to pair, so plan on having a set of Bluetooth earpieces that remain paired to your Apple Watch and keep them charged up. Plan on downloading your podcast episodes when you have time to devote to keeping the Apple Watch screen awake. The investment of time needed for getting the podcast episodes to your watch is worth it for how liberating it feels to not have to carry your iPhone around. 

• Bluetooth earpiece recommendations: 


MJYun Wireless Earbuds  Make the jump to truly wireless earbuds for just $32 today on Amazon – BGR 

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