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We share our most favorite tips for getting more out of Safari in iOS! Full show notes are at 

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News: Apple Is Planning to Launch a News Subscription Service — Bloomberg

Apple’s iPhone ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature helping to reduce dangerous habits — appleinsider

Messages in iCloud is still slated for a future release. It will likely show up as one of the apps you can toggle on or off in your iCloud settings.

Settings > Safari:

Autofill: We recommend using a password manager and doing the little bit of extra work required to interact with websites that require you to log in. Saving passwords in Safari on iOS is technically secure, but it enables complacency which can lead to insecure human behavior that hackers bank on.

Block Pop-ups: We do not recommend enabling this especially if you log into banking or medical website portals regularly. It has been known to cause those sites to malfunction. If you feel safer with it enabled, be sure you know how to disable it when a website does not respond.

Reading List > Automatically Save Offline: We recommend enabling this feature as it is really useful. If your device is older and has a small hard drive, know that this feature can eat up space over time.

These are some of the Safari tips we discussed: • What is a tab?

• How do you close tabs?

• How do you close multiple tabs at once?

• Can you reorder the tabs into a different sequence?

• Can tabs be searched?

• How to load the desktop version of a website

• Should you use an ad blocker?

• What is Private mode?

• How do you switch between Private mode and “regular” mode?

• How to use Reader View — TheMacMommy

• Customizing the share sheet: We recommend moving 1Password (or your password manager app of choice) to the first spot.

• Find on Page

• Bookmarks vs Reading List and the case for each

• Reading List for articles and saving them for offline access

  Still need more help? Check out the Safari section in this iPhone guide from Apple:

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Puffin Web Browser 

Firefox Focus: Privacy Browser  

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