047 Notes App and iOS 12 Tips – with Guest Josh Centers

This week first time guest Josh Centers, TidBITS Managing Editor and author is here and we talk about his 2 recent books from Take Control on Notes and iOS 12. We review some great features of Notes and great tips iOS 12. Plus the news of the day. Show notes are at

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Apple Pulls iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Models From Sale in Germany Amid Legal Battle With Qualcomm


As we do with all new guests let’s find out what iOS devices Josh has. Since he has written books on many of these devices I am sure he has a few.  

Our first topic discusses Josh’s book Take Control of Notes and we highlight some key features you find in iOS. The first question is why notes? We discuss this. The points below were also discussed


  • Make and Manage Notes
  • Formatting Notes
  • Using Graphics in Notes


We also discuss another of Josh’s books Take Control of iOS12 and discuss some great tips below.


  • Shortcuts app and Siri Shortcuts
  • Hone The Home Screen
  • Using Share Sheets
  • Special iPad Features
  • Search with Spotlight
  • Switching apps and closing apps
  • Handoff and airdrop


Note: we will keep episode 1 hour I will add more discussion on this time permitting.


Take Control of Notes

Take Control of iOS12

Siri Shortcuts Video Josh Centers YouTube Channel

About our Guest

Josh Centers is Managing Editor of TidBITS and is the author of many other books for Take Control  Including Apple TV, Home Automation, and Preview. You can find him on Twitter @jcenters

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