060 Headphones on your iPhone – with Guest Bob Fairbairn

In this episode of In Touch With iOS

Guest Bob Fairbairn, IT Professional joins Dave to discuss Audio devices with your iPhone including headphones, earphones, and Bluetooth speakers and more.

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Apple Releases iOS 12.3 With New TV App and Channels Feature TVOS 12.3 and Watch 5.1.2 was released too.

Apple Releases tvOS 12.3 With Updated TV App

Apple Releases watchOS 5.2.1 With ECG Functionality for Additional European Countries

The App Store antitrust case


  • LIke we do with all our new guests, we find out what Bob has in his Apple and iOS devices  box I know he is like me and gets the latest stuff like Dave.
  • Bob is a big audiophile we talk about what are the best speakers,, headphones, and other devices that make your iPhone or iPad sound great. Add links here

Airpods vs PowerBeats portability in mind Powerbeats Pro vs. Powerbeats 3

The actual headphones you use are also a huge contributor to sound quality.  There are hundreds of headphones. In-ear, on-ear, over-ear. Closed and Open designs.  For portable or out and about I really like the in-ear monitor.

For these we need the lightning to 3.5mm headphone  “dongle” on the iPhone

Three headphones that Bob likes for portability:

Etymotic. ER3SE < $200

Shure: SE535  

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