066 No Leather or Denim with your Apple Card – With Guest Dave Hamilton

In this episode of In Touch With iOS

Dave Hamiltion  makes his first “official”  appearance on the show to talk about Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Card and how to customize your timer on the Apple Watch plus more tips. 

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Shazam data is powering Apple Music’s newest chart, the Shazam Discovery Top 50

Apple says clean Apple Card with a microfiber cloth, avoid contact with leather and denim 

British Airways buys 15,000 iPhone XR units for c crew

Apple Seeds Eighth Betas of iOS 13 and iPadOS to Developers [Update: Public Beta Available]


With all the new guests of the show, Dave asks what iOS tech do you have?

Apple Card 2 weeks in. The card is now available to all users in the US and its a very easy application process . How has it been so far? Dave G has had it for 2 weeks now he gives his thoughts so far and Dave H just got one. Apple is already adding Uber to the list of 3% cash back what others will be added? Are you keeping your card clean? When has there ever been a credit card with a guide on how to clean it?Check out this  iMore Apple Card Review by Lory Gil Dave G opt out of forced arbitration and the hoops many are saying is not the case they just do it using messages. 

Apple TV+ The latest rumors says Apple with price the service at #9.99 month and boy have they paid for a lot of original content. We discuss our initial thoughts of the service and will we be subscribing. The original content is interesting but is it appealing for subscribers?

Apple Arcade – Rumors say Apple will charge $4.99 per month for the service and games were leaked. We give our opinions, thoughts and is this service worth it. 


Siri can suggestion alerts for early calendar events and an alarm setting

How to Quickly & Temporarily Disconnect Your iPhone from Wi-Fi in Control Center

Accessibility Settings: How to Set Your iPhone to Automatically Answer Calls

How to Rename Your AirPods on Your iPhone

How to Set a Timer on the Apple Watch

App Picks

Dave Ginsburg’s Pick


Apple Music Memos App Link       (Website)

Dave Hamilton’s Picks

USA Rest stops app

SoundStorming app

About our Guest

Dave Hamiton hosts The Mac Geek Gab podcast and Co-Founder of The Mac Observer. He  can be found on Twitter @davehamilton 

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