067 iOS 13 iPad OS Beta experiences – With Guest Bob Fairbairn

In this episode of In Touch With iOS

Bob Fairbairn returns to the show to discuss his experience with the iOS 13/ iPad OS betas and we review key new features. features. iOS 13 will be out soon this episode will give you a sneak peek. 

customize your timer on the Apple Watch plus more tips. 

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Apple Releases iOS 12.4.1, a Security Update

Apple Releases First Beta of iOS 13.1 to Developers

Apple Card Skins this product is crazy!


iOS 13 Experiences. Bob has had Beta on many of his devices since it was announced at WWDC. He had to go back to iOS 12 at beta 3 at some point because the biggest problem was with syncing with iCloud. He since went back to beta 7 on his devices and found it to be a much better experience. Beta 8 is now running better as well. Reminders app works so much better. Did not update the Apple Watch or Apple TV. 

iPadOS 13 have been solid in beta 7 and beta 8. Safari on iPad is so much better. Download manager that was added is so much better. 

Bob has not used his Mac all summer to try and use just the iPad. Safari and organization has been amazing. Listen as we discuss. Apple has links to whats coming here:

App Picks

Bob’s Pick

Universe iOS  build your website on your ios device! 

Dave’s Pick

Medium iOS App

About our Guest

Bob Fairbairn is a Tech consultant and Audio consultant 

Most of his work is around what I call “end user computing and mobility”.  I also have a new startup designing high end systems with some very specific #FutureFi  equipment.


Https://        Audio Systems Design and Sales

Https://        Technology Services including Product Photography.    Ham Radio ( Built on Universe)

Twitter @bobfairbairn @bobfairbairnltd

Instagram @m43bob @bobfairbairnltd

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