071 iOS 13 Music and 2 Pairs of AirPods oh My! With Guest Mike LaPlante

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This week your host Dave Ginsburg is joined by guest Mike LaPlante 

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The iPhone 11’s Deep Fusion camera arrives with iOS 13.2 developer beta

IOS 13.2 developer beta hints at in-ear AirPods with 


The Music app added some great new features in iOS 13.1.2 including radio stations and lyrics.

Radio Stations – Apple partnered with the 3 big audio content audio content providers and they have added a number of radio stations around the world with many more added. It works very well with Siri on all devices including HomePod. How does it compare to the Amazon Echo?

Able to stream radio stations from all over the world. This may be more of a general Siri enhancement that is implemented on your Mac and HomePod, but also works in Apple Music on your iOS device.

Lyrics in Apple Music have been vastly improved its Karaoke on Mac and AppleTV too. We talk about this. Karaoke 3rd party app in Apple TV?

Duplicates in Playlists are a thing of the past. Apple Music will tell you if there are dupes in your Playlists and will warn you if you are adding one to a Playlist.

Shuffle and Repeat controls have moved yet again. To find them you have to be on the Now Playing page and in the Up Next section you’ll see the controls for those functions.

Tips and new features in iOS13

One of my favourite features:

Tap and hold feature in the Mail app. Formatting emails have become so much easier. 

Airpods you can now have 2 airpods connected at the same time! Those days of getting a Y adapter connecting them to a headphone jack are over. 


Apple TV has some great updates.

Watch OS Updates?

Enhanced Siri | New Watchfaces | Hearing Protection | Voice Memos/Calculator/Reminders | Shazam | App Store

App Picks



Filmic Pro




About our Guest

Mike LaPlante is a musician and a YouTube vlogger with a video channel called The Average Wine Enthusiast. You can find him on Twitter @lippo.





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