096 – the Keyboard is Magic on iPad – With Guest Rene Ritchie

The latest episode of In Touch With iOS Dave and Warren are joined by special guest Rene Ritchie. Dave and Warren talk about their first week with the Magic Keyboard for iPad. Apple announced their earnings and it was positive and we discussed Rene becoming Indie. iOS beta news and more. 

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Apple earnings report Q2 2020

Apple pulled down $58.3 billion in revenue in the most recent quarter, which was actually up slightly (1%) from the year-ago

iPhone revenue was $29b, down from $31b

SixColors 2020 Results Charts

Apple does not break out wearable sales, instead including the Apple Watch and AirPods in its “Wearables, Home, and Accessories” category, which brought in $6.3 billion during the quarter, up from $5.1 billion in Q2 2019.

Apple Planning Apple Card Financing Options for Devices Other than iPhone

Microsoft Testing iPadOS Multi-Window Support in Word and PowerPoint

[Update: Now available] OtterBox unveils first antimicrobial glass iPhone screen protector approved by the EPA

Owners of Sonos Speakers Can Listen to Free Audiobooks


With all new guests, we find out what devices Rene uses full time and talk about him going indie. We also ask him about the possibilities of Final Cut Pro for iPad.  

iOS Beta 13.5 Beta 3 whats new? Covid-19 settings are on be default and can now be turned off.  Face ID with someone wearing a mask automatically asks for a passcode instead.

Magic Keyboard for iPad Dave and Warren give there impressions after using it for 1 week. Sadly Rene did not receive his just yet but we will look for his review on YouTube.


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About our Guest – Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie has been covering personal technology for over a decade. He currently hosts his own YouTube channel where he provides news analysis and insight on Apple and related technologies and culture. He also co-hosts MacBreak Weekly on the TWiT network and writes a column every Monday for iMore, part of Future PLC. Follow him on Twitter @reneritchie

About our Co-Host

Co-Host Warren Sklar @Wsklar is an IT Consultant and moderator of the Mac To The Future FaceBook Group with over 3000 members talking about all things Apple. Request to join this group to be among people who love Apple.

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