166 – Special Episode iOS Browsers and Virtual Macstock 2021 – With Guest Mike Potter

The latest In Touch With iOS with Dave he is joined by Macstock organizer Mike Potter. We recorded this next to a lake in McHenry county. We chat about the upcoming Virtual Macstock 2021 event coming up. What is the best iOS browser and we like Firefox. Flipboard is a great news aggregator and ITWIOS has a magazine on the service. What do we have in our Apple Wallet and its not a Drivers License. Plus getting ready for iOS15 and iPadOS15 you should back up and clean up before upgrading. 

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We are coming to you from McHenry County, Illinois in a city named Wonder Lake sitting outside on the lake shore not too far from Macatock headquarters. We talk about the great weather and how we are able to bring you this episode in the backyard and how the tech is working for us. 

The virtual Macstock conference is coming up on September 25, 2021 Mike and Dave talk about the history of Macstock, what we like most about the conference, and its future. This years conference is again virtual with a twist. There is a VIP ticket available where limited fan can join in on the conference in person and course following social distancing guidelines. Dave is also co-hosting the event with Mike and will be helping with the chat room and the virtual sessions. 

The last time Mike was on the show (Episode 74) we talked about our default browser used on the iPhone and iPad. We revisit this and find which one we use. Browser support has come a long way since including making any browser your default.  Screen shot tool in Firefox. Privacy in the browser. 

Mozilla Firefox iOS

Microsoft Edge iOS

Google Chrome iOS

Opera iOS

Brave Browser iOS

DuckDuckGo iOS

Comparing the Best Web Browsers for iPhone or iPad

Flipboard – we discussed how it works with iOS and its uses. Mike and Dave both reveal what they follow on Flipboard and  both of us find it to be a great way to get your news.  ITWIOS has its own magazine. Click this link to subscribe.

The wallet has become the way to store credit cards, and loyalty cards but now Apple is introducing Digital ID for drivers licenses. Where is this going in the future and do we use this now and will we in the future. Joanna Stern article about this from Wall Street Journal.

Getting ready for iOS15 and iPadOS15. The new iOS15 will be here before you know it and here are some tips to be ready before clicking that install button. Get ready for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15Get ready for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

Our Host

David Ginsburg is an IT professional supporting Mac, iOS and Windows users and his wealth of knowledge of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Visit the YouTube channel and find and follow him on Twitter @daveg65.

About our Guest

Mike Potter is the organizer of Macstock Expo: and host of the For Mac Eyes Only Podcast. You can reach him on Twitter @macstockexpo and @formaceyesonly

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